I’m sure I’m not alone in struggling with my own home this time of year. We take down our excess holiday decorations and spend increased time trapped in our house, now filled with increased toys, due to cold winter weather. 

Can anyone relate?

There’s no doubt I am a better wife, mother, business owner, and overall human being when my house is tidy and not cluttered. Studies back this up, as better organization decreases anxiety, promotes better sleep, saves time, and increases productivity.

Multi Organizational Items

For the first month of 2023 I’ve spent intentional time on a quest to get my household better organized. My husband and I both work out of our house, so it must be multifunctional. My kids are getting older, and we have plenty on our plate. I must stay organized to keep us afloat.

I’m not a professional home organizer by any means, but sharing some tips and products I’ve discovered while I’ve been on this quest that may help any individual or family get organized:

1. Before you buy anything, PURGE, PURGE, PURGE. We have taken over seven carloads of toys, clothes and household items to be donated so far this year. We aren’t people that hold onto many material things but over time you sure can collect. I try to go through my closet and the kids closet every season, but this purge was a big one for us. We literally tackled every square inch of our house. 

2. I recently purchased a beautiful home acrylic calendar from Girl Friday to keep track of all of our activities. We had been using a cheap one for years, but the options with Girl Friday are truly so pretty and you can customize yours for your family’s needs. I added a menu feature to ours to help keep us on track with our meals

3. The kitchen was a huge area for me to tackle. I first went through every cupboard and drawer to purge what we didn’t need anymore. My favorite additions were:

      • Containers from Target for the pantry
      • Clear acrylic organizers from Amazon for the refrigerator, kid’s drawers, under sinks – I literally can’t get enough of these
      • This little guy is a beautiful spatula and lid holder for our stovetop
      • Another pretty little product that helps keep our kitchen sink sponges and soap organized is this guy
      • We had too many water bottles, so I went through and purged the entire cabinet but then bought these organizers which might be the best purchase of all
      • Wire stacking rack are great for helping to keep your cabinets organized when you need a bit more space
      • I love this expandable bamboo drawer organizer for our utensils. It’s perfect for extra kids’ silverware too
      • I got these little bins to help keep my kids water bottles, snacks and tupperware organized within our lazy Susan, so they see what they want and grab it
      • I reorganized our winter gloves and hats into these bins. I thought they were the exact perfect size for what we needed for our coat closet. I appreciated the transparency, so we can see what’s inside.

4. This work of geniusness is terrific for keeping all your socks and underwear organized in your dresser drawers.

5. I bought two of these vanity organizers for my skin care products and my daughter’s hair products. I love how they are organized so I know which products to use in the morning and which to use at night. 

 6. I also got several of these to put underneath our bathroom sinks that help give us extra space and drawer organization. This is another good option. 

 7. No idea how my kids constantly get toothpaste all over the bathroom, but this organizer has helped to isolate the toothpaste mess to one location

Hope any of this is inspiring or helpful to you! Happy organizing! 

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