Designing and decorating a home or a room seems to be something that people either absolutely love or absolutely hate. This topic of design is often very polarizing. I totally get it, not everyone has an eye for design, or maybe even more, the patience for it. If you have that eye, more power to you, keep on decorating and designing your spaces! If you find designing a personal space overwhelming, don’t have the time for it or have no idea even where to begin, but you still want to make it yours, then it’s time to consider hiring an interior designer.

There are several advantages of hiring a professional interior designer. I know this sounds crazy, but often times hiring an interior designer can help you save money. As the client, you are able to give your designer a budget that you are comfortable with, and the designer does all the work of finding unique items for you. A designer can also help you save money on costly mistakes you may make.

The time savings of hiring a designer is huge. We are all busy! Juggling 75 different things between work, home, family, friends, extra activities, the list goes on and on. With all that we are juggling, it seems making your personal space unique and special is on the bottom of the list. I know several people who have lived in a house with bare walls with the same builder’s beige paint on them for what seems like forever because they didn’t have the time to make it special.

Hiring a designer does all the heavy lifting for you. They research exactly what you are looking for and come back with ideas that are perfect for YOU! A good designer researches all the vendors you need for any project, makes sound recommendations and provides you with options. They can even do all your home shopping for you! The key here is that everyone’s time is valuable and a designer can save you that valuable time.

A designer will also help your project to stay on plan. The first thing a designer should do is to create a project plan and outline the actions needed to complete the project. All this legwork will be helpful in making sure the project goes according to the plan. A designer offers an extra set of eyes and those professional eyes can see things that the client sometimes can’t and can alleviate bumps in the road.

Designers know where to go for the certain household items you need to complete whatever big or small project you may have. Whether it be furniture, paint, lighting, etc., they have researched the best deals and the ideal places to purchase exactly what you need. A designer takes the hassle out of going to seven different furniture stores to find the perfect couch because they do all that work for you.

Lastly, and almost most importantly in my opinion, hiring a professional designer helps give your home or personal space the unique WOW! factor. They are trained to think about the space as a whole and figure out all the little parts and pieces that create one amazing, unique, inspiring, authentic, story that is just yours. The designer gets to know you and knows what you need and translates that need into your space.

I know sometimes hiring a designer can be a tough sell, but I promise that it is worth it in the long run.

It would be an honor to be YOUR designer. I welcome the opportunity to hear about any project you’re considering – big or small. Let’s have a chat, and if we end up working together, I promise to make something special happen for you.


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