If you walked through my house, you’d see something common with my decor – floating shelves. They are so versatile and can be styled in so many ways. But let’s face it, styling any shelves can be a bit overwhelming if you aren’t sure what to put on them. I have outlined a few of my ideas for styling the perfect shelf.

1. Determine what you like in the way of decor for your shelf

Figure out what pieces you want to display on your shelf. This could be decor you have around your house or what inspiration you find at the store. Don’t think you can’t mix old and new pieces together. I’ve found I enjoy the challenge of interjecting past treasures with new additions. You can always mix old and new pieces together. I like choosing pieces that mean something to me or to my family.


2. Choose a variety of items

In order to make your shelves interesting and engaging, choose a variety of sizes, mix materials and colors of decorations. You will want some tall pieces and some short pieces to provide variety of height. Choose some fake florals to add more color to the shelves.

Photo credit and design:
Kristin Enger

3. Get more over less

Choose more pieces than less to decorate the shelves. You can always return what you don’t use or find other places in your home to display the decor. You don’t want bare spots in the shelves so it will be important that you have the right amount of items for the shelf.

4. Lay out the shelves in different sizes

When I decorate my floating shelves, I put the larger items on the ends. I like having at least one or two pieces that lean against the wall and those are typically the ones that I put on my ends. I tend to keep one color consistent throughout my decor and then add in smaller pops of color. First I add my tall pieces and then fill in my small to medium sized pieces next.

5. Decorate and then redecorate

It may take you a few times of arranging the decor before you find the perfect layout. Take some time away and ask others for their opinion.


Now it’s time for you to decorate those shelves. Share your “perfectly styled” floating shelves with me on Instragram @geverettdesign or by using #geverettdesign. I can’t wait to see what you are up to!


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