When it comes to decorating and styling your home, I continually get asked the question “is it ok to have mixed metals used in my house?”

Or just as common, “I already have one wood tone in the floor or table – do I have to match identically the same wood tones throughout the rest of my house?”

The answer to both of these questions is: always mix metals and wood tones throughout your home.

First let’s talk about metals. The general rule of thumb is to choose one main metal material whether that be brass, rose gold or silver. Let that be your primary metal that you use when decorating. Then determine what other metals you want to add in. I wouldn’t add every metal tone into your decor but accenting with a few really piques visual interest.

Don’t forget that metal tones can be found in fabrics or textiles and that can be a good way to include multiple metals in a room. If you are looking for an easy way to start with mixed metals, start in your kitchen. Choose hardware of one metal and then focus the lighting, whether it’s a pendant light or a chandelier, in the room on another different type of metal.

Now let’s discuss different woods in a space. I always say that you don’t have to perfectly match all the wood in your home together. You don’t want your home to look like a tree house with the same wood grain and wood tone throughout your entire home. Homes with the most visual interest, have several different types of wood in their decor.

So, how do you pull off a look that looks like the woods go together? Connect your undertones. Whether it is red, dark walnut or a light blonde, choose different types of wood in your furniture or cabinets that have that same undertone. Separate the tone of your table and the tone of the floor with a neutral rug that can be a buffer between the woods. Similar to metals, don’t choose every different type of wood to display in your home. Focus on a few a keep it consistent. Try balancing out the room with the wood tones throughout the space.

Don’t forget when decorating it is important to mix pattern, color and texture into your home.

Happy decorating. Please share your inspiration for mixed metals or mixed wood with me on any of social media at Pinterest, Houzz, Facebook, or Instagram. If you share, please tag #geverettdesign – I love to see what you are doing!


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